Ut rosa flos florum …

A Church of England Vicar rambles. An explorer explores.

He used to be a Church of Ireland Rector, and before that a Church of England Rector, hence the name. Now that he’s a Vicar, he keeps the old name since it’s better than any alternative including ‘vicar’ or ‘parson’ or whatever, Rambling Rector first appeared in leaflet form in 2008 and the blog began in 2011.

RR’s rambles arise from a background of 30 years teaching anatomy and embryology, and 40 years as a church musician. He looks at theology through this background. For him, theology has to fit with the fact that we are creatures of this earth: mammals – apes in fact. Since we are made in the image of the Divine, theology has to fit with biology, and not the other way round. Many of the rambles are conversations between biology and theology.

Rambling Rector

RR was born in Carlisle in 1950, raised in rural Cumberland, went to the village school in Langwathby and the Grammar School in Penrith. This was followed by university in Cambridge and medical school in London. He taught anatomy in medical schools in Nottingham, Dublin and Derby. He was trained in church music at Carlisle Cathedral and has been organist and choirmaster at churches in London, Nottingham and Dublin.

RR was ordained deacon in 2006 and priest in 2007. He served in parishes in Derbyshire until 2011 when he moved to be Rector of Portlaoise (Ireland). Since 2014 RR has been Vicar of Burton upon Trent in the diocese of Lichfield, where he has responsibility for three churches, one of which is Burton’s historic parish church with its civic role.

RR’s views are his own. They do not represent the official position of any organization, and certainly not the Church of England which RR thinks is losing the plot.

RR is married to SWMBO and they have a daughter and a son in Dublin, and another son who lived in Texas but died in 2015.

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  1. If you are the Father William from Thinking Anglicans: Yes, certainly. Use the rewritten hymn by all means. With best wishes from Brussels, Chris Martin

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