Here’s a booklet prepared by two cousins and a cousin-in-law, as it were. It speaks for itself. I have the authors’ permission to post it here. Feel free to print it: only a limited number of hard copies were printed, and there are none left.

If you wish to contact the authors, email Liz Wisniewski:



12 thoughts on “Family

  1. I just figured this out. My birthdate is wrong. I was born August 7 and it says 17 😂. Also my moms name only has one N

    • You are right. I noticed that. Unfortunately, I’m not able to correct it and there are no more printed versions of the book. I definitely gave the correct spelling for Adriene, but people think it’s a mistake and “correct” it without checking first, Lots of love on this sad anniversary. Stan xxx

  2. Actually it turns out that the info above is wrong! I was mislead as there is an incorrect date of death. The Father of my Grandad was infact Edwin Monkhouse, but in the publication he has a date of death of 1901, having apparently only lived 3 years!

  3. Fascinating booklet, especially the photos. My gt grandfather was Percy Jackson Dobinson, brother of Christopher John.

    • That is indeed a fascinating read!! My Grandfather was John Monkhouse, son of Thomas George Monkhouse, who was the son of William Monkhouse, the son of Thomas Bell-Monkhouse, who was Thomas Bell-Monkhouse’s son……it would appear, I think I have that right! Would be great to hear from other branches of the Monkhouse clan!

      • Oops, the last name should be James Bell-Monkhouse….

      • Hi Simon, I am one of the cousins who contributed to the book, be good to make contact and try and solve the Bell-Monkhouse mystery?

    • Hi Lydia, I am one of the cousins who helped compile the book, be good to make contact and possibly do a bit more research along the Dobinson line?

      • Hi Liz

        Please get in touch – I have some more info on the Dobinsons – particularly my grandfather Harold Heatley Dobinson


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