Theology and the arts

p3-quireHere I am on a course about Theology and the Arts. The surroundings are magnificent, Windsor Castle, St George’s Chapel, mediaeval glory, 18th and 19th century Gothick and the rest. An extension of ‘public’ (English-speak for fee paying posh, don’t ask why) school and Oxbridge.  The company is congenial and stimulating. And yet, and yet …

At the ‘consultation’ we are hearing about, among other things, the enrichment of church life by music, art, literature and so on. Very interesting and stimulating too, as ways to enchant the liturgy. But I see from Crockford’s that clergy speakers come from the rarefied heights of the church. I wonder do they think how frustrating it can be to ordinary parish clergy to have all these wonderful ideas thrown at them, then when they get home realize that few if any are likely to go down well with those who come to church and pay the bills? It’s a different world in Windsor. Those who inhabit this élite place are free of the rigours of ordinary parish life, but also of its blessings. I wonder how well they would fare in its rough and tumble? Reality does not much tarnish their fine thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Theology and the arts

  1. I see you prefer one-to-ones. I do too,
    Unless it requires me to hold something in anatomical
    Position. Heh

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