Dear Leinster Express …

8xzai1a4l0yexgl9mfivThe Leinster Express has, without my permission, twice taken pieces from this blog and/or from my letters published elsewhere, and printed them as if they were letters to the paper. Naughty, naughty, I would have thought. It would have been courteous of them to tell me, not to say ask. And I would have appreciated a chance to nuance the text for a different readership. They are welcome to use my writings – but with my permission please. I trust that they’ll choose a variety of material from this blog, and not just publish the potentially controversial stuff. I wonder if they might pay me …..

2 thoughts on “Dear Leinster Express …

    • It could be that they simply printed a letter of mine published in the C of I Gazette a couple of weeks ago. I’m told they did that a while back with a letter of mine published in the Irish Times, and a colleague tells me they did that with one of his in the Farmers’ Journal. A bit shady, I would have thought.

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